Braddock Road/I-495 HOT Lanes

ALA designed the widened 493-ft replacement of the Braddock Road Bridge on a 30-degree skew over I-495 to accommodate the reconfigured roadway for the addition of High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes.

ALA also designed the replacement of the Annandale Pedestrian Bridge over I-495, as well as a new flyover ramp carrying I-495 southbound HOT Lanes traffic to Braddock Road eastbound, and MSE retaining walls required for the Braddock Road/improved I-495 interchange.

Flyover Ramp

The flyover ramp is a 4-span, 512’ long, and 64’ wide curved steel bridge carrying the I-495 SB Express lanes to Braddock Road EB over the I-495 Capital Beltway. The bridge has two integral straddle bent piers spanning over I-495 SB. The pier columns are supported on 7’ diameter drilled shafts. The bridge is on a 512’ radius with spans of 150’ long.

Pedestrian Bridge

For the pedestrian bridge, ALA utilized the existing superstructure and pier by extending the bridge to accommodate the I-495 lane addition on the outer loops west side. The existing west abutment was replaced, and the bridge extended by 32 feet and jacked up over 3 feet to meet minimum vertical clearance requirements. ALA also achieved required load capacity for the extended bridge by removing an existing sign structure from the bridge. Monitoring of existing bearings and joints was performed to prevent any damage during the jacking operation. Saving the existing superstructure provided cost savings to VDOT.

ALA also provided the roadway, drainage, erosion/sediment control, stormwater management, and maintenance of traffic design for the new Braddock Road approaches and two-miles of reconfigured I-495.


Location: Fairfax County, VA

Owner: VDOT