Beach Mill Road Bridge

Route 603 Beach Mill Road Bridge over Nichols Branch

Utilizing the results of the H/H analysis, ALA provided design services to replace the existing simple steel beam bridge. The new bridge is a 39’ long simple span galvanized steel rolled beams with glu-lam deck superstructure on cantilever abutments with Customrock formliner. The new bridge is 16‘-6” wide and with timber rails. Additionally, because of an accelerated construction schedule, 90% plans were completed in 2 weeks and utilized the accelerated bridge construction (ABC) design techniques that included the use of precast cantilever type abutments, flared to stay in very limited existing ROW; full width 4-foot glu-lam deck panels; installation of piles through the existing asphalt roadway before bridge construction began and single phase construction. This project needed ABC because all construction needed to be complete by the beginning of the school year to avoid significant detours for students. This project required significant outreach to and work with neighborhood residents and stakeholders to address the aesthetic requirements of the community and other Fairfax County aesthetic requirements. The new bridge was constructed in a single phase after the existing bridge was removed entirely with a traffic detour for maintenance of traffic. The bridge was designed per AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design specifications.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

At the bridge ribbon cutting ceremony, attended by many community members as well as State Senator Barbara Favola, Supervisor Josh Foust, Chair of the Great Falls Citizens Association’s Transportation Committee Eric Knudsen, Supervisor Foust commented that “This is a beautiful bridge…The process of getting here should serve as an example of how to build a bridge.  The project presented some challenges, including preserving this beautiful rural setting and helping to tame speeding and cut-through traffic on Beach Mill Road.”  Foust then thanked the engineers involved for the ability to work through the project challenges and …”fulfill the vision that the community had for the bridge.”


For this project, ALA received the “Overall Winner” Award for the 2014 VTCA Engineering Consulting Awards.

Location: Great Falls, VA

Owner: VDOT