Pennsylvania Avenue SE Revitalization Project

Pennsylvania Avenue SE Revitalization Project from 27th Street, SE to Southern Avenue, SE

ALA designed 1.5 miles of roadway improvements including sidewalk, drainage, erosion/sediment control, maintenance of traffic plans, and water main relocation for the Pennsylvania Avenue, SE Revitalization Project.

Roadway Design

Roadway design included new pavement, new curb, new sidewalk and bike path, and new retaining walls that included steps for access to residential and commercial properties.  Drainage design included upgrading the existing storm drain system to meet current criteria.  ALA designed LIDs for stormwater management water quality, including bioretention areas. Maintenance of traffic plans included four phases of construction to minimize disruption to traffic during construction.  Water main relocations included design of new water mains and abandoning the existing water mains due to conflict with new catch basins and other facilities.

Retaining Walls

ALA also designed eight retaining walls totaling 2,600-ft along the 1.5-mile corridor. The design included stone-faced gravity type walls, replacing existing walls in adjusted locations to provide for the widened roadway and pedestrian accommodations; a top-down soldier pile wall; and a segmental block (Keystone) wall with an architecturally enhanced handrailing along the top of the wall along a National Park Service right-of-way.

Location: Washington, DC

Owner: DDOT