Purple Line General Engineering Contract

ALA has completed multiple assignments as a part of the General Engineering Consulting Team for the MTA Purple Line. Among them are the following:

  • University Boulevard (MD 193) over the Northwest Branch. ALA provided the design of a three-span bridge that will replace the existing structure that carries University Boulevard (MD 193) over the Northwest Branch.
  • Retaining Walls (Eastern Segment). ALA provided the design of thousands of feet of retaining walls to support grade separations required by the addition of the light rail project along University Boulevard (MD 193), River Road, Veterans Parkway (MD 410), Ellin Road and at the College Park Metro Station.
  • Bethesda Station. ALA studied the existing right of way and easements for the light rail alignment through a tunnel beneath several buildings in Bethesda, MD.
  • Purple Line Design Criteria. ALA developed design criteria for the proposed light rail expansions by MTA in the state of Maryland. The previous criteria were updated based on LRFD philosophies.
  • East End and West End Communication Lines Relocation/Protection– Zones 1 to 9. ALA was the Lead Utility Engineer for reviewing relocation and/or protection for underground or overhead communication lines that will be disturbed as a result of the Purple Line, including the guideway, aerial structures, tunnels, retaining walls and associated cuts/fills, stations, traction power substations (TPSS), trails, and improvements to adjacent highways, bridges and buildings.

Location: Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties, MD

Owner: MTA