Telegraph Road Bridge Rehabilitation and Widening

ALA performed an evaluation of this existing 550-ft long bridge to determine the most feasible method of rehabilitating and widening the bridge. Considerations included widening only, widening with existing deck replacement, and widening with existing superstructure replacement. ALA ultimately recommended that the existing superstructure be replaced together with the bridge widening. Considerations in the analysis included painting of existing steel girders over active rail lines, construction sequencing and maintenance of traffic, and fatigue-critical details on the existing steel girders.

Particular attention was paid to the type of and construction method for the foundations adjacent to the active railroad/WMATA lines. Drilled shafts were utilized to reduce construction time and railroad right-of-way impacts. Close coordination was required during the design phase to establish contractor access to the site, particularly for the pier between the CSX rail tracks and the Metrorail tracks.

ALA provided recommendations for the foundations and pier construction methods and then met with VDOT and CSX officials to finalize design details and special provisions.

ALA also was responsible for the design of the roadway approaches to the bridge, which included improvements to connection ramps to Mill Road and Duke Street, complete drainage design, and a multiple-phase maintenance of traffic scheme to maintain traffic on this heavily traveled roadway for the duration of construction.

Location: City of Alexandria, VA

Owner: VDOT